Recreational Acrobatics & Tumbling


This class is for complete beginners aged 4 and above, and runs for 45 minutes.

Students will learn to follow a class structure, and will start to develop their acrobatic and tumbling skills. This class is a great way to develop a students coordination, strength, balance and flexibility.

This class is open to any student and students will not be required to have any particular skills prior to starting.

Our Thursday & Saturday Beginner 1 students can progress to Beginner 2 once they achieve their handstand, cartwheel, round-off, and bridge.


WEEKLY Class Fee $24 + Annual Registration Fee

intermediate 1 & 2

Intermediate levels 1 & 2 are 60 minute classes that will challenge students and allow them to advance their acrobatics and tumbling further.

Students are taught to master the correct acrobatic technique and encouraged to individualise certain skills.

To be in our intermediate levels, students must already have or be very close to achieving particular tumbling skills:

– Intermediate 1: Can do handstand into bridge, bridge from standing, bridge kickover
– Intermediate 2: Can barani or back flip


WEEKLY Class Fee $27 + Annual Registration Fee


This level will take students to the more advanced stages of acrobatics and tumbling. Instructors will hone in on students technique and goals. Classes run for 75 minutes, and are designed to suit the aims, goals and abilities of individual students. 

To be in our advanced levels, students must already have or be very close to achieving their round off flip or front aerial.

WEEKLY Class Fee $33 + ANNUAL Registration FEE



View our video to help determine which of our levels would be best for your child.



We offer both a multi-class and multi-student discount of 15% off all subsequent class fees. Available where two or more children from a single family are enrolled in classes, or one student attends multiple classes. Discounts apply to the tuition fee component only.

A note on our Annual Registration & Insurance Fees

Before you get started, we just wanted to let you know that all of our Acrobatics Students are required to pay a one-time registration and insurance fee for the calendar year of $80. This fee allows your child to participate in all of our amazing programs throughout the year!

Just a heads up, this fee applies to all members who join in term 2, 3, or 4 as well. Please keep in mind that your child won’t be able to participate after their trial class, until the fee is paid and they are insured. Let’s get started on this exciting journey together!