Enrolment Policy

Adhering to these policies is a condition of your enrolment.

Make Up Lessons:

If you miss a class during term, you are entitled to make this class up at any location and attend any suitable class during the current term only. You cannot make up classes in another term or school holiday program. You are not entitled to a credit to your account. You may use a maximum of 3 make up lessons per term. Make up lessons cannot be made up in advance of absence. 

Aerial Silks – You may attend a class either before or after your regular lesson as Aerial Silks is only offered on Thursdays. Alternatively you may attend a beginner or intermediate tumbling class.

Private Lessons – There are no make up lessons for Private Lessons. If 24 hours notice is given, 0% of the fee will be charged. Same day cancellations are billed at 100% of the fee.

You must submit your absence and schedule your make up lesson using the parent portal. Please do not email or text your absences or attempt to schedule a make up lesson this way. If a child is marked absent in class they will automatically receive a make up lesson which can be booked in using the parent portal.


All term accounts are required to be paid in weekly instalments via our Direct Debit provider from either a bank account or credit card. Fees will be charged to your account each week and will be visible in your parent portal. It is the customer’s responsibility to ensure their details are correct and there are sufficient funds in their account for fees to be debited. You should also notify us promptly should there be any issues prior to the payment being processed.

If you would like to seek an alternative payment method, we require these accounts to be paid upfront for the term by Week 2 of term.

Enrolments are on a per term basis and you must remain enrolled for the full term, or from the commencement until end of the current term. Should a class be dropped mid-term, the weekly fee will continue to be charged for the remainder of the term. We presume that the student has enrolled for the year and their classes will therefore carry across into subsequent terms unless we are otherwise notified.

If you would like to drop your child’s enrolment we must be notified in writing prior to the commencement of the new term.

If a customer has an outstanding account, The Acro Co reserves the right to attempt to clear the outstanding account via any payment method provided in the parent portal. If the account remains overdue The Acro Co reserves the right to exclude the student from participating in class. Private lessons will not be supplied to students with outstanding accounts. Any account remaining unpaid each term will incur a $50 administration fee per term. 

Assumption of risk

Risk of injury is inherent in any physical activity. The Acro Co. and employees will take all reasonable steps to reduce risk, however The Acro Co. does not accept responsibility for injury during class. The parent/carer is responsible for ensuring the student is physically and medically fit to participate. Your registration fee covers your Personal Indemnity Insurance.

Medical Conditions

The Acro Co is to be notified of any relevant medical condition prior to the student commencing classes. It is the customer’s responsibility to ensure their child is fit and healthy enough to attend classes. I/ we hereby acknowledge that all relevant medical information has been provided, and all information is true and correct. I / we hereby give consent for first aid to be administered to my child and, in the case of an emergency, for an ambulance to be called.

Member Responsibilities

You agree to:

  • treat the coaches and other members as you would like to be treated, with kindness and respect.
  • communicating any complaints or concerns respectfully, in writing directly to info@theacroco.com.au


  • You MUST NOT park anywhere on the driveway at anytime. This is STRICTLY a 30 second drop off or pick up area ONLY. Students will be kept behind the gate within the waiting room until a carer has come to collect. We WILL NOT allow students to walk down the street or across the road to your car. Coaches are not allowed to walk students anywhere past the driveway for your collection.


  • You MUST NOT park in the carparks at the front of the building. These spots are reserved as a 30 second drop off area ONLY. Once caregivers have observed their child entering the building they must move from the carpark. Students will be kept behind the gate until a carer has come to collect. We WILL NOT allow students to walk down the street or across the road to your car. Coaches are not allowed to walk students anywhere for your collection.

Photography Permission

The Acro Co may use photos/video footage taken in classes, school holidays and acro competitions representing The Acro Co, for promotional purposes only. By accepting these Terms and Conditions, you agree to us doing so. If you DO NOT wish for photos/video footage of your child/ren to be used, please advise us in writing at info@theacroco.com.au